Key Issues

Sugar Policy

Did you know that sugar is the only farm program where the U.S. government imposes controls on how much of the product can legally be sold?


Current U.S. sugar policy is anti-consumer and wasteful. In 2013, the government spent $300 million taxpayer dollars to buy an excess of 640,000 tons of sugar. NCA supports U.S. sugar program reform to create jobs, protect taxpayers and end government waste.


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Labeling Policy

State by state GMO and GE ingredient labeling mandates create a complex maze of unnecessary regulations that would burden farmers and small businesses, provide customers with inaccurate information, raise food costs and create an unwarranted stigma around GMOs. The industry supports a federal solution.


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State Government Affairs

The NCA state affairs program tracks and monitors legislation in all 50 states that impacts confectionery manufacturing and sales. This information is shared on a monthly basis with the NCA State Affairs Committee. NCA engages in state lobbying and grassroots outreach as determined by the committee.

Candy PAC

CandyPAC is the confectionery industry’s political action committee, funded by personal money that individuals contribute to NCA. Supporting CandyPAC is a direct and tangible method to ensure your voice is heard.

Policy News

Candy & Snack Today | Industry | Policy

House Passes National GMO Labeling Bill

14 Jul 2016 - Washington — The House of Representatives passed national GMO labeling legislation, with a final vote of 306 to 117, NCA ...

Candy & Snack Today | Industry | Policy

Coalition For Sugar Reform Continues To Grow

01 Jul 2016 - Washington, DC – is the newest organization to join the Coalition for Sugar Reform in its efforts to reform the U.S. sugar ...

Policy | Press Release

U.S. Representatives Walorski, Kuster Launch Congressional Candy Caucus In Conjunction With National Candy Month

16 Jun 2016 - WASHINGTON (June 16, 2016) – U.S. Representatives Jackie Walorski (R-IN) and Annie Kuster (D-NH) today announced the establishment of the ...

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